Vira Peacekeepers were the military branch of the Vira Brotherhood, generally acting as peacekeepers, but in many conflicts Peacekeepers were called upon to lead military units into battle; this was especially true during the Talon Wars.

Vira Peacekeepers made up a very small portion of the Brotherhood, with less than 2000 active Peacekeepers at its peak.


Peacekeepers were trained very differently from Vira Adepts, Peacekeepers were trained to kill from the moment they were inducted into the Brotherhood, with the general training program being very similar to that of most standard militaries.

Peacekeeper cadets were trained by a training Sergeant, who was an experienced Peacekeeper, usually holding equivalent rank to a Vira Elder. The training style of the Training Sergeant was entirely at their own discretion, some trained their cadets by taking things slowly and rewarding them; others trained their cadets through brutality. While the second method was more morally questionable, it produced stronger, more adaptable Peacekeepers, but Peacekeepers trained in this way often exited training with many scars - mental and physical.


Peacekeepers almost always wore two Adjuncts, allowing them to use both hands to focus their abilities.

Peacekeeper Adjuncts were slightly different from those used by Adepts; Peacekeeper Adjuncts came equipped with a system for synthesizing artificial diamond dust which was compressed and held in place by a gravity field generated by the user. This created an ultra-hard and sharp temporary blade commonly referred to as a Gravity blade or grav-blade. Generally these blades were no longer than a foot, but coupled with a well-trained Peacekeeper they were just as deadly as a blaster, especially when a Peacekeeper threw the blade - although this was a difficult task as the Peacekeeper had to use their Vira abilities to both guide the blade and maintain its coherence.